Saturday, July 16

Hydrochlorthizide 25mg & Vitamin D for kidney stones

My endocrinologist has put me on hydrochlorthizide daily to help prevent more stones. I don't think it is helping much, my potassium has dropped but I am hopeful that it may slow my stone formation. I am convienced that it is the way my body metabolizes foods. Since forming calcium oxalate stones, I have stopped dairy foods or foods high in calcium.  Also my Vitamin D was low which could promote kidney stones. So being on Vitamin D could also help prevent them. She has me taking 5000 mg a day. We will see

Monday, May 13

Could there be a link in Cortisol problems and recurrent kidney stones????

I think so, I was diagnosed with Addisons disease which is an endocrine disorder and was found by seeing an endocrinologist doctor, that did bloodwork. I had extreme fatigue, weakness, nasuea, weight gain/loss, low blood pressure, high urine calcium. I have seen other post by Addison's that have also had recurrent kidney stones, there could be a connection.

Saturday, March 30

Low OSM and Low NA

Before I was diagnosed with Addison's disease, my bloodwork came back that my OSM was low, my NA was low, and my throid was a little hyper. However, your thyroid could be anywhere with Addisons. The OSM is the way your body is retaining and withholding water, the NA is your sodium, my pee test would come back that my calcium was high in my urine however it was not in my blood, over the norm range. Your cortisol controls many minerals, if they are off, wheather to high or low, it could cause recurrent kidney stones.

Tuesday, March 26

Cortisol & Recurrent Kidney Stones

Cushings Disease & Addisons Disease

Cushings Disease (to much cortisol)
Addisons ( adrenals not working or producing cortisol)

Either of these can be diagnosed by an endocrinologist.

****I have Addisons and when diagnosed I was overweight, so not all Addisons are skinny. I just started hydrocortisone everyday and it does help suppress my appetite so I have started to loose weight. I stay very tired, no energy, lay in bed, before I was diagnosed. I still have days where I experience extreme tiredness, pending on the stressors each day.

Thursday, March 21

Addisons or Cortisol causing recurrent kidney stones

I just got diagnosed with Addisons and my body makes kidney stones. It does make since that cortisol controls many hormones in your body that your minerals can get out of wack. you will have to see an endocrinologist to get your cortisol checked. Too much cortisol is called Cushings. If this sounds like you, wouldnt hurt to get those levels checked. God bless.

Saturday, March 16

cortisol and kidney stones

there are 2 important hormones in your body that control many, insulin and cortisol

after many lithtripsys and days of extreme fatigue , i was referred to an endocrinologist that tested my cortisol level at a 0, recently had an ATCH test done and still wait an dignoses.